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Welcome to 40 Acres and A Profit

We believe in building portfolios and securing strong assets for investors. What makes us different is we will not sale you a course; we will bring you into the world of Real Estate. We allow every member to invest and own their own property. 40 Acres And A Profit is not a broker or realtor, we own all the properties in our portfolio free and clear; no mortgage, no bank, no middle man; we are the owners point blank, Join Us.

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Real Estate Options

40 Acres And A Profit believe that every investor no matter the investment size should be part of this journey as we share a value system that moves each investor forward.

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Invest in an hard asset of your choice.

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Rental Income

Learn how investing in rental properties can be stronger than 401K

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Split Investing In A Property

Very simple multiple people invest into a single property

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Buying A Home No Credit Score Needed

In our process we can sale real estate without the hassle of banks or lenders becasue we control the property

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Long Term Investments

Investing early can be a high value position with a long term plan that can support future goals and retirement

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We Keep Investors Updated

Our goal is to build a platform unlike anything currently on the market, to do that we must keep our investors on the same page with us

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