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About Us

40 Acres and A Profit has multiple hard assets; from acres of land to Real Estate all over the United States to invest in. We allow every member to invest and take  ownership. 40 Acres and a Profit replaces the bank as we own the properties we bring to the market. This gives us flexibility to create unique opportunities for each and every person; from ownership,to investing, to long-term rental properties. Many companies make investing complicated when dealing with real estate based on credit score and other factors. We believe in a new approach, allowing each person to be apart of the opportunity that many have been blocked from.

You will see exactly what you are investing in; along with future purchases of potential Real Estate and Acres of Land.

We believe in building portfolios and securing strong returns for investors. What makes us different is we will not sale you a course we will bring you into the world of Real Estate.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Gem Lake, has been doing Real Estate since 1999 from Developing Sub Divisions that sold Homes and Land together, to handling major High Rises in New York City along with handling the finance side for major corporations in the housing industry. With a business background with over 27 years of experience working with companies such as; Pierre Cardin, Coca- Cola, AT&T, Nabisco, Disney,  Vogue, Radio One, iHeart Radio, Spirit Cruises, Drake Corporate Housing, Lauren Berger Collection, Radisson Hotels, Etc. Gem Lake has an expertise that combines strategic thinking capabilities with a vision to establish new market entry points.

Gem Lake is also doing some major real estate projects around the country like the one below covered by the largest newspaper in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Check it out.

40 Acres And A Profit puts a new look on real estate investing.

Join us. Invest Today!